Template:Infobox Player Uloveme was a famous player from Hong Kong for being in second place for almost the exact time Zezima was in first place. Before Uloveme dissipated from the hiscores, she had about obtained 1 billion total experience.She was the second person to ever reach this amount of experience. She also held a top 2/3 spot on the highscore for a long period of time. Even reaching rank #1 a few number of times. Her history and work has been known to the RuneScape community for a long time, and has been around for such a long time.

Also Uloveme had one of the most known Friend chat's even after her disappearance. On behalf of her return, After being reset 4 year's ago. She started playing again in late 2011. She says that she Does not enjoy playing competitively anymore. Even though Uloveme plays Old School Runescape her style has not changed. Like always being an old top player, she does not reply or talk hardly at all. Just like any other old Runescape players from the old era. On 1 March 2013, Uloveme confirmed she has quit playing RuneScape Members Server's for the time being.Unknown if she will return or not.

Uloveme also has 1 pet named Pixiu That seems to always be around her. Full Grown flaming blazehound. On 4-20-13 Uloveme Recently got maxed stats (Again).And has last been seen in World 7 Near Varrock &Grand Exchange.


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