Paradyce or Sensitive Pk aka Cora Dyce is a character also known as the owner of Cora Dyce. On his pure Sensitive Pk, he has a total level of 1506 with 99 Strength and 99 Range. Perhaps his most well-known achievement is the creation of the dicing clan Cora Dyce, currently located at the World 1 Spirit Tree, Northeast Grand Exchange.

"I decided to make a dicing clan for Runescape due to the amount of scamming clans" - Cora Dyce

Since the return of free trade, Paradyce was interested in establishing a clan in World 1 where the better's safety was ensured. Thus the idea of Cora Dyce began to take root in his head. The motto of Cora Dyce "Your personal dicing clan" alludes to the care that Cora Dyce takes to ensure that the betters leave satisfied. All hosts are required to take a video of their hosting that can be used as potential evidence in the case that a wager dispute is filed.

Slowly, Cora Dyce earned it's reputation as the #1 Dicing Clan in World 1. Other clan, seeing the success hoped to rival it and started rival clans. None of these short-lived clans came close to matching the achievemnts of Cora Dyce and all eventually shut down.

Clan History Edit

Cora Dyce was established in May 2011 and is currently the #1 Dicing Clan in F2P World's. Even after the removal of dice bags, the clan still operates. They offer Internet Relay Chat dicing (IRC) as a substitute for in-game dice bags. Some of the clan's older hosts still remain.

Trivia Edit

  • Did you know: Cora Dyce was originally located at Juliet's House in World 1.
  • The clan holds a weekly 100M+ drop party, giving back to the community.
  • His favorite phrase is "tomorrow"
If you have been scammed by a host in the Cora Dyce clan chat, and there is enough proof that the event actually occurred, you will be refunded.