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II_Musk_II is a player of runescape for seven years now. He started playing by the character name of "Atkpurestr" back in the day when pures were just becoming the new fad. His "main" is named Doctorwho221, a character with more than a few maxed stats.

"Atkpurestr" created his character with a friend Mark from a high school spanish class who named his character "Attk_strpure." They ran the wilderness in the early days of pking and many fell victim to their pking style. II_Musk_II quickly became good friends with other famous pkers like: "I_Mahatma_I", "3 Hit U", and even "Elvemage".

He later became friends with Zezima and other famous players. He has since retired from pking and has moved on to be third in charge for the clan "Legions of Rome." He is currently online about 50% of the average week.

He's happy sitting on those billions he once was so good at making. He says; "The pure will never die out. It's a lifestyle inside of the game."

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